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Are you Motivating Your Leaders

I was browsing through the Everything For success Discussion Board and I found a post that really hit a home run and for your pleasure.

5 Tips for Motivating Your Leaders

There is no rule that says a small business can’t accomplish huge goals. If you have your mind set on accomplishing a huge task, you can definitely achieve it. With a team of motivated members, you can take on the world. Motivating people can be difficult, but it can be done. The following are some tips on how to keep your members motivated.

Goal setting is a powerful way to keep motivated. When your nenber has written goals they have a clear understanding of what needs to be accomplished. Goals are also measurable; they are either accomplished or they aren’t. This allows your members to know if they are doing a good job or if they need to work harder.

Taking a few moments at the beginning of each month or each week to define goals with your members will keep both of you on track. Your members will know what is expected of him or her. This will make it easier for them to complete their assignments or projects.

Keeping a positive environment will also help your assistants stay motivated. Even if you and your members live in separate states or continents, you can still create a cohesive work environment.

Perhaps you can all meet for a weekly meeting on a teleconference line or in a web conference room. Help everyone feel like a team by encouraging them to interact with one another. Let them know that they can always ask each other for help or advice if you are not available.

Giving your members new challenges will also do wonders for their motivation. Perhaps one of your members can help you organize an event or plan a new information product.

Providing lots of stimulation will keep your members from feeling stagnant. If someone works on one task for too long, they can get bored and their work can start to slip. Once their tasks become easy for them, give them a new assignment to take on. You may want to have two or three work on a project together. They may really enjoy the interaction from working as a team.

Holding contests can also be a great motivator. You could create a team goal and if everyone works together and accomplishes the task, you could reward them with a small prize. You could also create individual goals for each team member, or have the team members compete against one another.

Of course, each person is unique and their motivation can come from a different place. What works for one may not work for another. It is a good idea to keep your communication with your leaders open, and to ask them what it is that motivates them as an individual.

Sharing for success.

Clara A. Gillespie
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For all of us there are times when we’re overwhelmed. There is too much to do, and too little time to do it! This, of course, causes stress; and we all know...stress is not good!
When I was a freshman in college, I learned a simple lesson that I never forgot. And to this day, when I have too many things on my plate and feel stress raising its ugly head, I repeat to myself what I heard over 40 years ago. It worked then, and for me....it still does!
I’ll share the story from my book, The Nature of Success, in the chapter titled: Set Realistic Goals. I hope it helps you as much as it did me!

Live With Passion,

Mac Anderson
Founder, Simple Truths

Set Realistic Goals
I was having a rough week when there was a lot to do and very little time to do it. I was overwhelmed. I panicked.
That night a friend stopped by my dorm room. When I told him my problem, he said, “Mac, I’ll share something with you that my grandmother told me a few years ago. She said to always remember: ‘Inch by inch, life’s a cinch. Yard by yard, life is hard.’”
I said, “Bob, here I am drowning in work and your lifeline is a quote from your grandmother. Come on!”
After he left, however, those twelve little words kept dancing in my head. I took out a piece of notebook paper and listed all the things I had to do in the next three days. That night I began knocking them off one by one.
Three days later I took out that paper and marked through the last thing on the list. It felt great! And then I took out another piece of paper and wrote down the words: “Inch by inch, life’s a cinch. Yard by yard, life is hard.” I then folded the paper and put it in my wallet. As many of you know, I’ve been collecting quotes ever since.
You see, over the years I’ve learned that success doesn’t come cascading like Niagara Falls; it comes one drop at a time through short-term, realistic goals.
Experts on motivation disagree on a lot of things, but one thing they all agree on is that your levels of motivation are directly tied to your expected probabilities of success. In other words, if you believe you can do something (the goals are realistic), you’re likely to be highly motivated. If, however, you think you can’t (because the goals are unrealistic) your motivation level falls greatly.
The lesson here is to continue to dream big dreams, but realize that the short-term goals that take you to the next plateau are the real keys to success.
P.S. To find out more about The Nature of Success you can click on the image below, or if you haven’t seen the three minute inspirational movie you can click here to watch it.
Prepare to be inspired!

The article above was excerpted from the book "The Nature of Success" by Mac Anderson.
It is reprinted here with permission. You may share this story as long as you do not edit the
content; leave the links and this resource box intact.

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An Interview with Cashing-N-Surf Admin


It's a blessing to be a father, it's even more to be a grandfather! Today I am going to interview an Admin who has 17 grandchildren.
Richard..Site owner of Cashing-N-Surf, MarketStreetAds and the new ZproSurf.

wanrou: Thank you so much for sharing your time with my readers, I know you are an extremely busy man with three surf site on hands.

Richard: You are welcome, my time is the time for my members except that little piece of family moments every now and then!

wanrou: Good on you! Your name Richard been around for a long time, it's in the interest of
many people to know who you are. Please introduce yourself.

Richard: I'm Richard. I'm happily married, have some grown sons and 17 grandchildren. I'm 55 years young. I'm retired early due to illness/injury. I was introduced to surfing by my sister in law and have been surfing for a while before I opened Cashing-n-Surf. I did take some insurance/investment classes several years ago. I like to hunt and fish, go to baseball games, play cards and dominoes with our friends and family.

wanrou: Wow! you are blessed. I am 56, have three lovely daughters and yet to have any grandchildren.
OK, time has proved that your programs has out performed many others which started around the same time, can you tell us how you did that?

Richard: I actually failed at it in the beginning. Kent and Nick took me under their wing, so to speak, and got me started in the right direction. Surf sites began to make a turn around a few months back. The good surf sites, anyway. Potential site owners begin learning about investment options out there that really are available to everyone.
There will always be the scammers that jump in, grab what upgrades they can squeeze out of there members and be gone. But really investing members funds is what makes us different. There are a lot of good admins out there that want to succeed and want their members to succeed.

wanrou: Please tell us how do you guarantee every external deposit make into your programs?

Richard: Yes. Nick guarantees me my principal so I can guarantee it to my members. And, because I don't spend my members money, of course. I only spend what I personally earn on investments.

wanrou: By knowing you are investing with Nick, why should people join your programs and not P-2-P Network.

Richard: Oh, they should join P-2-P Network! They should not limit themselves to my sites or just one site or admin. I always say "Never put all your eggs in one basket"! Our site is a way members can earn and advertise. But, Nick's site is great and they can earn a lot of money there.

wanrou: After months of hard works, your sites has started to get the deserved recognition and is growing steadily. Why did you closed the door of your programs and go private?

Richard: Well, several reasons. I guess my biggest reason is because I want to do what I am comfortable with. I want to be able to take care of the members I have. With any website there are going to be problems like Internet issues, hosting problems, script bugs, etc.
I do not want our site to get so big that that I am overwhelmed and can not take care of members issues as they arise. ALSO, surf sites get a lot of rift raft. People joining to load viruses, search sites with pop ups and just weird stuff in general. They don't join to earn and all they do is waste bandwidth other members could be using.
I want our site to be clean for our members that are serious about advertising and earning. I don't want the page to freeze up on them when they are trying to view ads. No one likes all that junk. I know I don't when I'm trying to surf.

wanrou: Great to hear that from you. Most people can understand and appreciate what you have done. My experience with your sites are always excellent!

Richard: Thanks, I am trying my best to provide the service once I was looking for as a surfer.

wanrou: Now you are the new owner of Zprosurf, will others take it as a red flag when an admin own more than two surf sites?

Richard: Probably. That's the way things have happened to members in the past. I understand why some might be uncomfortable about it. I have been a member of sites that have done this, too. Cashing-N-Surf has gained confidence over time so will they see that it's okay that I have 3 sites and that I didn't get them so I could fix one site with the funds from another site. I have time to wait for them to see. Cashing-n-Surf survived for 6 months with members coming and going before I got another site. Sometimes people just need time to see that it's okay.

wanrou: I am not going anywhere, I will wait and see if it's OKAY!.

Richard: Ha! Ha! Ha ! You will see..

wanrou: The ROA of Zprosurf is much lower then your other programs, will there be any changes?

Richard: No. I don't think so. The reason I say this is because I have learned that different people are comfortable with different things. Believe it or not some people are more comfortable with a lower ROI. Then there are others that wouldn't join any of my sites at all. They would rather go after the much larger ROI's whether the admin can pay them or not.

wanrou: What would you say to the potential members here before we finish our conversation today?

Richard: Never join a site where the admin doesn't answer your emails. That's a sure sign he is in it for HIM ONLY! Never spend more than you can afford to loose, ever! At any site!
Surfing is fun so have fun!
AND ...Welcome and come on it. The water's fine!

wanrou: Thanks so much for sharing. The information here will save me a lot of time in replying emails which keep asking some similar questions.

Richard: I am glad if that helps! I am leaving in a few minutes to go to my sister's house for a little fun and good food!

wanrou: God bless you! It's Father Days in Australia, I am going to spend sometime with my family too.

Richard: That's great! Thanks for the interview.

Cashing-N-Surf .com

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My Precious Moment

Aussie love Barbe and so do peoples around the globe. What's better than a mouth watering BBQ on a lazy weekend with your family in the open air.
I miss all these precious moments, I wish I had done it more often when my family members were still around. One never knows what his destiny will lay upon him, get your love ones together and share some good time while you can.

It's weekend, make yours a precious one!

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The beauty of Mother Earth #2

Thanks Mighty God for all your creations and the beauty within!

Almost everyone who email, PM, chat or call me after paying a visit to Sweet N Sour Corner told me they love to see more beautiful images, that is a big encouragement to me.....for posting something that's not suppose to be in a money making blog, thanks!

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The beauty of Mother Earth #1

Tell me if this image doesn't get your attention!

Everyday I spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computer. I am not a video fan, so mostly reading, surfing, browsing, answering email, posting etc. The problem was.....hundreds of images showing up every day were some advertising material or web site graphics I have watched over and over again. So I start using Adblock, Flashblock, NoScript and whatever I could get hold of to stop most images from popping up. In result, my computer screen start showing some ugly, incomplete and funny kind of presentation. Slowly I get into the habit of not paying attention to any images or what's in the computer screen any more. All I was trying to do is to pick up a few words between the lines and go to the next site as fast as I can. Isn't that sad? Isn't that true that all those tech-guys are working hard day and night to improve the imaging capability of all computer related device? I spend some good money on computer....Intel core 2 Dual Processor E4400, 2GB memory, 22" wide screen. For all that money to read some typings, I can call that seriously wasting of money.

One day, the image I am showing you above stumped upon my eyes. I couldn't help looking at it
again and again, and finally saved it in my picture files. There after, I start searching on the net for beautiful images and slowly build up my own gallery. Nowadays, when ever I get tired or feeling boring in front of my computer, I will open my picture files, spend some time admiring those beautiful images and come back feeling refresh and energize.

I love to share, I will keep posting these amazing images from time to time. Take it as a refreshment when you pay Sweet N Sour corner a visit. It's on the house, take it home if you like. Cheers!